Finishing Strong!

So i joined an online contest last May 2, which I rarely do. It's a contest for "World's Highly Skillful Cake Decorator" by Amazing Cakes. My entry was accepted and was up in the site on May 3 and found out that the online voting will be until May 5. Darn. I only have almost 3 days to collect votes and this is a contest where "most likes" will be announced as a winner. Haha. Mali yata ang pinasok ko, bes. But being a "competitive" person, i still share it to family and friends and friends of friends and still gather few votes that made me a 3rd placer. Haha.

Truly, it is not always about how you start. It is always about how you finish. Hence, thank you loved ones for making my cake to finish strong. I may not reach the summit but knowing you're there to push me in climbing this, my "mountain of dreams", is enough to keep me going and pursue this dream, this passion. 

Just like how i finish strong on this online friendly competition, this cake finish strong during the time that I am making this. Just a brief background on how this cake was made. Haha.

The cake was supposed to be a Dream Catcher cake. I did the topper in advance since I am also working in a 7-4 day job. But on the mid-night, 4:30am to be exact, that I am making the cake, the dream catcher was broken. The cake would be needed on April 8 and it's alreay April 8! I am sleepy. I am tired. I'm making the cake after work. Kumustahin naman naten ang pagod na katawan, db? I almost cried. I've got no idea on how will I finish this cake. I started it right but it gone wrong. 

Thankfully, God still gave me an idea and the will to finish the cake despite the heartbreak and sleepy eyes. Haha. 

Sometimes, things gone bad to make other things better. Sometimes, failures are failures if you let them discourage you. If you fail, don't stop. Don't give up. Don't let them discourage you on doing your passion. Just pause, ask for God's guidance and He'll get you through it. ❤


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